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        About Us

            As a manufacture of biomedical test and simulation products, TESTWIT located in East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, China. Our products include electrical safety testers, patient simulators and performance analyzers. Now our products are applied widely by hospitals, manufactures and medical schools.

            MSG-100/200/210/300 can simulate different types of ECG and respiration waves.

            MSG-300U is advanced version of MSG-300. MSG-300U can connect PC via USB. Professionals can use SIGLAB software to transmit ECG data to MSG-300U via a USB cable. By this way, MSG-300U can simulate any ECG wave.

            MSG-2400/2200 are advanced multi-parameters patient simulator, provide 47 types of arrhythmias, ECG performance test waves, 4/2 blood pressure outputs, respiration simulations and temperature simulations. MSG-2400/2200 have following features.

        • Chinese/English LCD Display
        • More types of ECG waves
        • Menu or code selected function
        • Remote controlled by GUI software via a USB cable

            TESTWIT provides different software and hardware devices to meet your needs.


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